Data centers can be very costly for organizations. They require a large investment of time and capital for implementation, and necessitate that you hire a team to manage your infrastructure. The operational costs associated with a physical data center are a significant burden on most companies. Depending on the size of your company, your IT budget, and the size of your facility, data center hosting may be the right choice for you.

Data center hosting is the outsourcing of facility space to a third party who hosts and deploys a data center on their external provider infrastructure. This infrastructure can include servers, network equipment, and even applications. It enables the use of services, features, and capabilities of a data center, but at lower capital costs. The use of a hosted platform, which is external to the on-premises IT infrastructure, can also help to accelerate the implementation of technology.

Data centers are large, complex facilities that require planning before implementation. When you choose to manage your data center internally, you must be prepared to handle these issues:

  • How much power will your data center consume?
  • What if your building loses power?
  • How many server and network racks do you need now?
  • How many will you need in 10 years?
  • How will you keep the equipment in your data center appropriately cooled to avoid losing data?
  • How will you secure the physical space?
  • Who will have administrator access to the equipment?
  • What size network circuits do you need for your data center?

These are all questions that your organization will need to address before the initial planning phase of an on-site data center can even begin. A hosted data center is beneficial from a deployment perspective because it is already up and running at a location that has been specifically engineered to address all of these questions. This will save you significant time and money when compared to provisioning your own data center.

After deployment, a typical on-premise data center also puts a great deal of responsibility on your internal IT staff. Managing your data center doesn’t just involve deploying and maintaining infrastructure, it also means you are on the hook for disaster recovery and data backup.

Any interruption in data center up-time will likely cause a loss of business and revenue. If you don’t have the staff to prevent outages and to deal with those interruptions in a timely manner, a hosted data center is critical. Hosted data centers maintain a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) with your organization. This eliminates internal concerns for staffing during vacations or coverage during holidays.

Your future as a company is also very important and a hosted data center will ensure your capacities are provisioned for scale and growth. Hosted data centers provide you the ability to increase your network speeds, server size, power capacity and/or cooling capacity with a quick phone call to your provider. When your company grows, your data center can scale along with it without needing to address additional infrastructure. Hosted data centers offer the best solution for IT solutions and cost management. Let someone else handle the technical parts so you can focus on your business. Call LightBound today for all of your IP needs.