Fiber Optics and InternetIn addition to peace signs and the VW bug, the 60’s era was a culture of psychedelic color.  Although Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon wasn’t released until 1973, we still identify with the prism on the album cover as a 1960’s icon. The colors were cool to look at, but our transistor radios and rotary dial phones couldn’t quite take advantage of those light spectrums yet. That prism of light is one of the few things our era has in common with the 60s.  Who knew we’d essentially be talking about that same light prism over 40 years later? Read more

Regardless of industry, today’s customers are increasingly relying on their overall customer experience when it comes to selecting vendors or services. Contact centers are no exception.

The technology you choose for your contact centers will play a greater role in the success of your customer service as new channels of communication continue to develop. Whether you’re already established and have an investment in hardware, or you’re a company looking for ways to offer world class service, a virtual contact center offers outstanding benefits. Read more

Meet John Jones.

John could be anyone. Your best friend, your neighbor, a relative, your boss, or a co-worker. Above all, he’s someone you think has it all going on. He’s up on the latest trends and he’s got it all together. He’s a techno-gadget guy, and he is the one person who makes you feel like you need to “keep up with the Joneses.”

If you are a buyer of technology or a gadget-lover, you undoubtedly know someone like John and have experienced the feeling of wanting something, even though you may not even know what it is – or why you want it. You’re not sure what it is, but John has it, so you gotta have it!

Problem is, if you don’t really know what “IT” is, or how to differentiate between the options, “IT” is kinda difficult to shop for, eh? Read more

Today, a mere 11% of US broadband subscribers receive their services over a fiber connection. A 2016 research report, “The Impact of Broadband and Related Information and Communications Technologies on the American Economy”, references a study that shows that areas with access to broadband had stronger job gains and business growth than those that did not.

  • Source – James Capuano, ISE

With Google Fiber’s gigabit fiber networks in Kansas City, Austin and Provo, and the company expressing interest in negotiating with nine other metro areas, it’s good to know that there are other options in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. The truth is that national providers like Google have not cast a net wide enough to include cities like Indianapolis. Read more