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Local Cloud

Computing resources on tap.

Why buy the entire water company when all you need is a drink?

With Local Cloud services from LightBound, you only pay for computing resources when you need them and only pay for what you need. We eliminate the cost and complexity of procurement as well as the ongoing infrastructure management expertise.


LightBound HIPAA Security Compliance

LightBound meets the HIPAA Administrative Safeguards (§164.308), Physical Safeguards (§164.310) and Technical Safeguards (§164.312) (excluding §164.308.4.ii.a, §164.308.7.ii.e, §164.312.c and §164.312.e.2.i) with respect to its policies, procedures, processes, employees, and data centers as applicable to services delivered by LightBound.


LightBound As A Business Associate

As a service provider doing business with healthcare organizations, LightBound is in certain cases a maintainer of client systems that host ePHI. While LightBound employees do not manage or operate healthcare applications directly, and therefore do not have a business need to access or alter such ePHI, its employees do have a need to administratively manage such systems. Therefore, as a maintainer of ePHI, LightBound will enter into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with a CE.






Keep your data close to home.

Not to mention safe and secure.

With LightBound, your enterprise-class cloud infrastructure is housed and protected in our downtown Indianapolis Core DataCenters. Since we're local, we're not only more responsive, you'll know exactly where your data lives. You get the ultimate in control and flexibility.

• Virtual datacenter resources

• Self-service portal

• Enterprise-class infrastructure

• Intelligent storage & backup

• Firewall/security


Use the glossary below to learn the lingo.

Virtual Datacenter

A group of cloud computing resources designed for your enterprise business needs. These can include additional memory, storage and bandwidth.

Intelligent Storage

A term used to describe a storage system that has the capability of performing functions that are traditionally implemented on host computers.

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Local Cloud

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