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Choice Network


LightBound keeps you connected.

Your Wide Area Network is the heartbeat of your business. So, above all, you need choices. LightBound offers 18+ carriers in our local datacenters for private connectivity between your offices and your employees. You can also choose LightBound's own dark and lit fiberoptic connections.

Choice Network

A network designed around your business.

Without having to build your own network.

Whether you are centralizing your networks, connecting your datacenter to one of our Core DataCenters, or delivering voice service to your employees, you get a total solution. And we have more choices as your business changes.

• 18+ carriers for private circuits

• T-1, 10 MB to GB ethernet, fiber

• International carrier options – 10 Mb to 10 Gb

• Enterprise monitoring and device management services

• Personalized account reviews and charting

• Custom design services to any location

• Dedicated personnel and one stop for all your private connectivity needs


Use the glossary below to learn the lingo.

Wide Area Network

WAN for short, a Wide Area Network is a telecommunication network that covers a broad area (as opposed to Local Area Network, which is limited to a concentrated area). A WAN allows your business to operate efficiently regardless of location.

Private Circuit

A line that's dedicated to only one use. It's the opposite of a switched circuit, which isn't dedicated and can be routed to different paths.

Cross Connects

We connect your infrastructure to any and all telco carrier connections with what we call a cross connect.

These come in various flavors depending on what you are connecting from/to:

1.) Coax - While not very common these days in your datacenter. Coax is like a cable connection in your home

2.) Copper - These come in many different sizes and include DS-1 (a.k.a. T-1), Ethernet, and POTS lines, which stands for Plain Old Telephone System - a voice line.

3.) Fiber - Fiber also comes in many different sizes and has different uses. You may have fiber running from your premise to the LightBound datacenter for private circuit transport, or you may have fiber running from your servers to your storage devices. In terms of cross connects that LightBound provisions and monitors, we are referring to transport.

4.) VRF - Virtual Routing and Forwarding. This service allows you to connect multiple offices or transport connections into your infrastructure in the datacenter. Handy if you want to aggregate multiple connections and lower your overall Internet bandwidth cost. Now you can double-dip with confidence.

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“Our two offices are now connected by the LightBound fiber. The connection from our Indy office to our Anderson servers is lighting fast, stable, and just like being next to the box. The VPN connection from remote locations is solid and the internet is never down.”

Mike Montgomery KRM Architecture

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All the key elements your business demands for communications in todays 24x7 world.

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