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Three Steps You Should Take Before Switching To Cloud Contact Services

Regardless of industry, today’s customers are increasingly relying on their overall customer experience when it comes to selecting vendors or services. Contact centers are no exception.

The technology you choose for your contact centers will play a greater role in the success of your customer service as new channels of communication continue to develop. Whether you’re already established and have an investment in hardware, or you’re a company looking for ways to offer world class service, a virtual contact center offers outstanding benefits. Read more

Lightbound Announces Fiber Internet (Fiber Optic Internet Service)

Today, a mere 11% of US broadband subscribers receive their services over a fiber connection. A 2016 research report, “The Impact of Broadband and Related Information and Communications Technologies on the American Economy”, references a study that shows that areas with access to broadband had stronger job gains and business growth than those that did not.

  • Source – James Capuano, ISE

With Google Fiber’s gigabit fiber networks in Kansas City, Austin and Provo, and the company expressing interest in negotiating with nine other metro areas, it’s good to know that there are other options in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. The truth is that national providers like Google have not cast a net wide enough to include cities like Indianapolis. Read more

LightBound Upgrades Unified Communications Platform For Integrated Voice Service

Version 2.24 of Accession Communicator for Mobile (the Hosted Voice mobile app) has been released!

This release enables Accession integration on Apple IOS 10 via the Apple Callkit. This greatly improves the functionality users experience using Accession on Apple IOS 10. For example, users no longer have to unlock the phone to accept a call. Also when users are on an Accession call, if a call comes in on the mobile phone, the Accession call will not be automatically put on hold. Instead, the user will have the option to put the call on hold and answer the call on the mobile call seamlessly. Users now have the ability to use call lists and Siri with Accession. In addition Carplay, Caller ID and call blocking are now enabled.

These are significant enhancements to help our clients keep up to date with the latest technology and features they use every day. Read more

Quotables and Notables

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Since we’re in the datacenter business, we live and breath the technology every day. At LightBound, we often forget that everyone else lives in a different world, so we asked around and this is what we came up with. Read more