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LightBound Launches Cloud Contact Center Solution

We at LightBound understand that, just like your business, the world of telecommunications is also constantly growing and evolving. That is why we have made an important move to grow and enhance our Integrated Voice portfolio.  LightBound’s Cloud Contact Center is an advanced call center management system with more functionality than traditional on-premise hardware PBXs – at a fraction of the cost.

The Contact Center solution leverages a “software as a service” (SaaS) model to deliver a customizable and powerful automated delivery of calls that include ACD, Chat, IVR, WFM, CTI, reports, recordings, remote agents, disaster recovery and much more. Read more

What Is A DDoS Attack And How Can You Protect Your Data?

The internet’s first major denial-of-service (DDoS) attack was reported in September of 1996. A major New York-based internet service provider was brought down by a flood of connection requests. Hackers were sending over 150 requests per SECOND, much more volume than the provider system could handle. Unfortunately, over twenty years later, we’re seeing more DDoS attacks than ever with little chance of them slowing down. Read more

The Advantages Of Cloud PBX

When purchasing voice solutions for your business there are some critical questions to ask when determining whether to go with a cloud-based PBX or a premise-based solution. Do you know what you are actually buying? Is the solution truly scalable? Voice services should be an anchor to your company’s plans, so it is worth the time and effort to consider the best solution. Read more

The Whens And Whys Of A DataCenter

Most of us go on about our daily lives in business without a care or concern about how our computer systems work, where the applications run, or where our data lives. We don’t know or care whether it lives in a closet within our building or somewhere half-way around the world.

So what are the telltale signs to look for and when within your business that you should care about this thing we call a “Data Center”? Read more

The Mathematics of Power

The math involved in power is fairly straightforward, but it’s worth sharing some of the basics for datacenters so you’ll know how to shop for it when the opportunity presents itself.

First, look at the specs on your equipment to note the total power draw at maximum for each piece of equipment you’ll be bringing into the datacenter. Once you get those totals, divide the number of watts by 1,000 to get the total number of kilowatts (kW). Then take that number by .7 to get an average draw (The OEM specs are typically maximums, so you’ll draw less current on average). This gives you the total kilowatts, so when your service provider of choice (which is LightBound of course) asks you how much power you’ll need, you’ll be prepared with one of the numbers. Read more