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What Is A DataCenter?

In today’s digital age, our businesses and our lives are becoming more reliant on virtual data. However, when we think about business information technology (IT) infrastructure, we don’t often think about where that data is stored or what we are doing to keep it safe. One word that is often thrown around is ‘datacenter.’ But, […]

What Is A DDoS Attack And How Can You Protect Your Data?

The internet’s first major denial-of-service (DDoS) attack was reported in September of 1996. A major New York-based internet service provider was brought down by a flood of connection requests. Hackers were sending over 150 requests per SECOND, much more volume than the provider system could handle. Unfortunately, over twenty years later, we’re seeing more DDoS […]

It Takes A Village

When launching a business, it takes skill, hard work, and a little luck. It also helps to have local businesses that support each other with a “buy local” mentality. As they say, “it takes a village” to launch a business and grow a community – and that’s exactly what LightBound is all about. LightBound allows […]