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Core DataCenters

It’s like Fort Knox for your data.

Minimize your downtime and reduce your total cost of operation.

Our datacenters are among the safest and most secure in the nation, with redundant power, cooling, fire suppression and security. You only pay for what you need, when you need it.


LightBound HIPAA Security Compliance

LightBound meets the HIPAA Administrative Safeguards (§164.308), Physical Safeguards (§164.310) and Technical Safeguards (§164.312) (excluding §164.308.4.ii.a, §164.308.7.ii.e, §164.312.c and §164.312.e.2.i) with respect to its policies, procedures, processes, employees, and data centers as applicable to services delivered by LightBound.


LightBound As A Business Associate

As a service provider doing business with healthcare organizations, LightBound is in certain cases a maintainer of client systems that host ePHI. While LightBound employees do not manage or operate healthcare applications directly, and therefore do not have a business need to access or alter such ePHI, its employees do have a need to administratively manage such systems. Therefore, as a maintainer of ePHI, LightBound will enter into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with a CE.






Looking for a strong IP foundation?

Look no further than LightBound.

The ultimate in availability simply isn't possible without the core, and that starts with the datacenter. Our Core DataCenters are the fundamental element of any IP Foundation. It's the basic building block and the solid foundation from which to build. Get this right and anything is possible.

• Two Indianapolis-based SSAE-16 SOC 2 certified datacenters

• 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC)

• Up to 35 KW per cabinet, water cooled

• Redundant power, cooling and fire suppression

• Rack units, half cabinets, full cabinets and cages available

• Larger cabinets (30" W, 42" D, 84" H, 56 usable Rack Units)

• Up to 100 Gb of transit availibility from 10 upstream carriers

• Up to 18 carriers available for transport

• Remote hands

• PCI compliant

• Advanced security measures (registration, I.D. badges, and biometric access)


Use the glossary below to learn the lingo.

A/B Power

Redundant power – an "A" connection and a "B" connection, each connected to separate UPS systems for total power redundancy.


The "A" in 20A-120V power circuit, Amps is the amount of electrical current passing a point in an electrical circuit per unit of time. Think of this as the total size of the circuit.


The "V" in a 20A-120V power circuit, Volts refers to the potential amount of energy or current. Think of this as the volume knob.


Pronounced "K" "W" or kilowatts, its equal to 1000 watts. In the co-location industry, providers often ask how many total kilowatts of power you require per co-location cabinet to gauge your total need for power and to price their solution. Fun fact is that 1 kilowatt is equal to 1.34 horsepower.


Power Distribution Unit. The term PDU can refer to the Core PDU's that provide power to an entire datacenter or a grouping of many co-location cabinets. To the average consumer, the same PDU term for an individual co-location cabinet is referred to as a Power Strip.

PCI Compliant

If your company processes, stores or transmits credit card information, this Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ensures that all data is maintained in a secure environment.

SSAE-16 SOC2 certified

SSAE-16 SOC2 stands for Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements and Service Organization Control. This designation represents the most reputable, up-to-date certification method required by most companies when considering co-location from a service provider.

Remote Hands

Provides 24x7x365 onsite datacenter support resources to physically reboot servers and visually inspect your infrastructure elements as well as any audio alarms on your equipment. A key ingredient to keep your business moving forward so your staff doesn't have to make a trip to the datacenter. Now you can have a "lights out" datacenter.

U (or Rack U)

a U is a Rack Unit of space in a co-location cabinet. The size or height of a co-location cabinet is typically comprised of 42 to 48 rack units of space. A rack Unit is equal to 1.75 inches in height.


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