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Advanced Internet


Fast, reliable Internet access is non-negotiable in today’s always-connected world.

When you've outgrown “business class", LightBound has a variety of Internet service options to choose from. Since we're based right here in Indianapolis, you won't find better, more responsive customer service.

Advanced Internet

The Midwest’s premier Internet service provider.

LightBound keeps your business moving.

No other ISP in Indiana offers ten local and international carriers. If a connection is lost, LightBound automatically and seamlessly routes your packets to one of many other carriers, minimizing downtime and lost revenue for your business.

• Unmatched redundancy – 10 upstream carriers

• Lightning fast – 10 Gbps to each carrier

• Flexibility – Internet access from T-1 to 10 Gbps

• Extreme scale – 100 Gbps of total bandwidth available

• The highest level of scalability, redundancy and speed in the local market

• Burstable – pay only for what you need

• Increase your capacity quickly as your needs change

• Advanced charting and monitoring


Use the glossary below to learn the lingo.


A little like budget billing from the gas company, burstable billing is a method of measuring bandwidth based on your peak usage. It allows you to exceed certain levels for a short periods time (as needed) without incurring additional costs.

Redundant Ports

Sometimes referred to as HA or Highly available, having two ports or "connections" to the public Internet allows internet service to fail-over from one firewall to another redundant firewall. The cause could be an interruption in power to one of the firewalls or a failure of one firewall when configured for redundancy. Having redundant ports ensures that the users and servers on those connections do not experience an outage for Internet service.

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“Everything we do is distributed through technology, connecting with TV and radio stations around the state with upwards of 500 videos available on our website at any given time. LightBound provides fast, reliable technology to help make that happen.”

Gerry Dick Inside Indiana Business

Everything your business needs to stay connected.

LightBound offers all of the key elements to build a solid IP Foundation.

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