Private Fiber Construction

Fiber optic circuits offer near limitless transition speeds. They can help you move large medical imaging files for quick diagnoses or make backup, recovery, and other mission-critical functions more streamlined than ever before. Fiber optic circuits also boast incredibly high security. For this reason, many businesses are building their own private fiber networks. LightBound has extensive experience in building customer fiber networks for customers. LightBound is certified to have right of way access to build fiber anywhere in the State of Indiana. We design and build fiber backbones with self healing rings that continue to operate in the event of a fiber cut. We have a NOC that can monitor fiber circuits around the clock and can dispatch maintenance crews to repair damage to fiber lines. LightBound also offers fiber maintenance plans to monitor condition of fiber, document the design, and file annual paperwork for pole attachments with utility providers. We have existing fiber networks in Marion, Hendricks, Johnson, and Shelby Counties with connections back to the LightBound data center. Through the fiber connections back to the LightBound data we can provide a host of IP services such as voice services (SIP, Analog, and PRI), Internet, Off-site data backup, collocation, managed servers, and cloud hosting. We can help you determine if private fiber construction is the right fit for you.

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