NOC Monitoring Services

The network operations center operates 24 hour per day, seven days a week, and 365 days per year and is located in a secure, monitored facility equipped with video surveillance and infrared detection systems. We're not only here when you call us - we're monitoring your connection's performance to locate and prevent problems before they start. Our NOC staff is physically present on site, and not just on call. If you contract your services with us you get the bonus of a 24 hour NOC staff for monitoring and management. Our NOC technicians receive alarms monitored IP connections are not communicating and start troubleshooting to fix the problem in most cases before the customer notices there is an issue.

When you call the NOC you will speak to one of our skilled NOC technicians and not just a call center agent logging a case. Our NOC technicians have extensive experience with IP networks, telecommunications circuits, Metaswitch Class 5 phone switch, and Fonality trixBox IP PBX. Our technicians are able to solve problems promptly due to their expertise at troubleshooting circuits every day. We have processes and procedures in place that streamline the process of fixing issues. We have a great relationship with carriers due to our large volume of circuits contracted which helps to resolve problems more quickly than if the customer contracted the circuits themselves.

Our NOC services are available to monitor customer networks and systems around the clock. We can be the single point of contact and coordinate with customer staff and third party companies to monitor and manage almost any type of system that can be monitored through IP. We have several third party companies who offer IT & telecommunication systems monitoring and management and we can partner with them to provide a complete NOC solution

LightBound NOC has trained technicians in support of Cisco, Microsoft, Scale Computing, Compellent, Fonality, VMWare and Metaswitch.

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