We can provide your business with dedicated, point-to-point access to the Internet with incredible performance. Better still, we’ll back it up our proven expertise – 24x7x365. If you ever have questions or problems, we’ll be there to make things right. In the end, that’s what really sets our dedicated Internet access apart.

Our system instantly reroutes traffic to the most optimum path. The result is redundant, reliable service with fewer delays and an uninterrupted flow of data.


We maintain a physical presence in two network access points located in Chicago, Illinois and Ashburn, Virginia, providing diversity, redundancy, and "always on" availability for our customers.  We interconnect with other tier one providers such as AT&T, Level3, and UUNet with gigabit connections which gives us an aggregate transport capacity in excess of 4Gb/s back to our datacenter in Indianapolis. In addition, we maintain private peering connections both locally and in Chicago and Ashburn. We are interconnected with the Equinix "packet exchange peering fabric" in both network access points.This allows us to directly peer with hundreds of popular destination networks such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, the GigaPOP education network, as well as many local carriers.


• High capacity network infrastructure
• Diverse upstream connectivity
• Multiple private peering routing paths
• Real-time 24/7/365 network monitoring
•  View our real time traffic graph

Internet access services:
• Telco circuit provisioning
• DNS hosting
• SMTP mail spooling
• NNTP news feed
• 24 hr network monitoring
• Bandwidth usage graphs

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