Direct Fiber Service in Downtown Indianapolis

LightBound has direct fiber service to major buildings in downtown Indianapolis. Currently the Chase Tower and OneAmerica Tower are on-net with LightBound (more being added in the future). What does this mean to your business? You have a choice of Ethernet circuits with 10 MB, 100 MB, and GB of capacity directly to your office network at a fraction of the cost of traditional circuits. Internet bandwidth has the ability to burst up to the speed of these circuits to provide tremendous performance for business needs. In addition VLAN (virtual local area networks) can be added to provide voice service (SIP, PRI, or analog), off-site data backup, managed servicers, colocation, and cloud hosting. The fiber connection provides LAN equivalent speeds directly to the LightBound data center. This provides the ability to run all of your systems and services from the LightBound data center without any impact to performance on your network in your office plus you also get disaster recovery/business continuity at an incremental cost. LightBound is offering even more savings through bundles for Fiber/Internet/Voice/Off-site Backup. If you have service needs for any of the direct fiber attached buildings don’t hesitate to contact LightBound to take advantage of these high performance and cost effective services.

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