Business continuity is vital to your business success. Virtually any amount of downtime can mean lost productivity, lost revenue, lost customers, and lost opportunities. Your business needs to be prepared anything that threatens the stability and availability of your core infrastructure.

In today's business environment, disaster recovery means more than recovering data and getting your website back up. It means true business continuity -- getting your best practices back in place with little or no disruption. We understand your company's need to not only survive a disaster, but to continue forward without breaking stride.

Although the chances of losing your total operation may be slim, days, hours, or even minutes of inoperability can cause a tremendous blow to your organization.  Every company is at risk for potential disruptions which can cause a loss of data, connectivity or facilities to flooding, power outages, chemical spill or biohazard, roof leaks or pipe burst, HVAC failures or  maintenance.

We have the most experienced and seasoned IT professionals.  We are available to help our customers understand their needs, develop a working recovery architecture, and provide consultation to aide in the implementation process.

Infrastructure and Facilities include:
• 3000 Sq. Ft. Workgroup Recovery Center
• Fully Furnished Workstations with computer & telephone
• Support of  Voice over IP delivery
• Gigabit Connectivity to LightBound Data Center
• Conference and Break Room Facilities
•  Located in metropolitan Indianapolis

We offer workgroup recovery plans consisting of a single seat with capacity to serve up to fifty. Modular pricing remains reasonable for your future growth.  Disasters are not something you “plan” for.  Once you seriously weigh the risks you start to understand the values of  planning for workgroup recovery.

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